White Collar Crime Awareness

This article will make people aware of the white collar crime in the United States. People will be taught how to recognize the signs of this crime in small businesses. Teaching people about white collar crime will help prevent lifes from being torn apart. This will allow the reader to expand their knowledge on crime in the United States. This information can be applied to Sociology.

White Collar Crime is a known term used and established back in 1939. This term is used to describe people who have a high status in the work force committing a very serious act. Most criminologists reject a limitation on the white collar crime term by reference; they classify the type of crime and the topic.

Lying, cheating, and stealing on a large scale is white collar crime in a nutshell. People who own large companies that scam their own employees are a prime example of white collar crime. They never seem to understand or care about the magnitude of their crimes. Life savings wiped clean and families broken into nothing is the direct result.

Lying about some stock values is an example of white collar crime. Stock fraud is a very serious act and won’t be allowed within our society. This crime usually is a result in loss of money in ones stocks. This is caused by selling stocks by giving false information about the true value.

Cheating is another white collar crime. For example, an employee decides to steal money from a cash register. No violence was involved, but other employees may be investigated as a result of the crime. This has then created an inconvenience for the other employees.

Stealing a person’s identity is a white collar crime. This can cause years of credit damage to the victim. This destroys a person’s life savings and possessions. Many doors close on many people, because of the credibility has been tarnished with criminal actions.       

These crimes cost the United States up to 400 billion dollars. An average organization loses about 6% in total annual revenue, because of the actions taken by the employees. Most of these terrible decisions occur in small companies under 100. Unfortunately, men make up 75% of white collar crimes in the U.S.

Statistics say that one out of three people become victims of white collar crime. Lack of knowledge in an agency capable of bringing justice is the prime reason people don’t report the crimes. This crime seems to grow more rapidly every day.

White collar crime is never going to end, but people can prevent it by reporting it to the National Crime Prevention Council. This council will investigate the crime and possibly take legal action against the criminal. Taking legal action against the criminal will be the right step on bringing you justice and preventing future crimes.  

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