Tamils in Canada: Why the Canadian Government Is Being Too Generous to Tamil "Refugees"

Why the Canadian government should not be spending $22 million on Tamil "refugees."

The U.N. has stated that conditions in Sri Lanka have improved to the point where a person should not automatically be considered a refugee just because they hail from that country.  And yet the U.N. has commended the Canadian government for their treatment of the boatload of Tamils that arrived recently.  490 Tamils are seeking refugee status in Canada.

Canada has a process for people who will face persecution or danger should they be returned to their home country.  If they can prove this danger exists, then they get to stay.  And the government pays for everything while they wait for their hearings, which can take years, with Canada's overburdened immigration system.  In fact, the Canadian government is paying for things for the Tamil "refugees" that hardworking citizens, who did not sneak into the country illegally, don't have covered by the government -- like legal aid, dental, long-distance phone calls, housing, prescription drugs, and a host of other things.  That's in addition to things Canadian citizens and landed immigrants are eligible for, like unemployment payments, the Canada Child Tax Benefit (hundreds of dollars a month for poor households) and medical care. 

The Canadian government does not seem to care that Canadian citizens work hard for the millions of tax dollars being given away for free, that there are starving poor Canadian citizens who did not sneak into the country illegally who could use some of these services, or that there are many immigrants who struggled for years to navigate the process to live in Canada legally -- and they do not appreciate that people can simply waltz in and get for free what they sacrificed and worked for.

The Sri Lankan government has warned Canadians that many of the Tamils that came on the boat are likely Tamil Tigers -- an organization declared to be a terrorist cause in Canada -- with aims of establishing additional terror cells in Canada and funelling money back to Sri Lanka for the illegal rebellion against the goverment.  The Canadian government assures its citizens that they are carefully screening to make sure that none of the Tamils are terrorists, but they are not checking the women.  Apparently it is impossible for a woman to funnel money back to her husband and son in Sri Lanka who might be terrorists.

The latest offense against sensibility is the fact that the government arranged for the Tamils to phone home to talk to their "loved ones"  .-- on the taxpayers' dime, of course.  Is there anything Canada won't give away?  And let's examine the lunacy of this -- the government hasn't finished screening to make sure these people aren't terrorists, but they're willing to believe them when they say it's their loved ones they're calling?  In fact, some of the illegal immigrants who call themselves refugees complained to officials that they were worried the calls were being monitored.  It didn't take the Canadian government long to reassure the Tamils, and the world, that they would never violate a person's right to privacy like that.  So, if you're not willing to violate the privacy of someone who sneaks illegally into your country, likely has ties to terrorist organizations with the intent of funnelling your country's money to those organizations, and demands to phone the home country (that is so terrible they require refugee status) without being listened to, whose privacy would you violate? 

The bottom line is that Canadian taxpayers are fed up with all of their money going to lawbreakers and people who can't be bothered to enter the country legally.  The government's generousity shows that they don't care about the safety of their people, and have no respect for the wishes of the electorate.


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