Settling A Parking Ticket in California

Parking tickets are not hard to handle. The government can throw out the ticket and cancel the fine. The infraction of the parking laws is a matter of fact in California. A driver proves they did not break the law. Or, they pay. Take action to settle the

Getting a parking ticket is not falling into a trap a California driver can not get out of. A driver can prepare to settle their ticket the right way.

Californians can plead their case. The government's judgment decides if the ticket counts. Guilty drivers find out what they did wrong. Innocent drivers can forget the parking staff's facts.

On Notice of An Infraction

A parking ticket is nothing to bicker about. Parking in the wrong spot or after the meter hours run out gets a California driver in trouble for an infraction of the parking laws. A judgment by the government is coming.

San Diego tickets tell drivers the deal they can agree to on the back. How much the fine costs and how to pay it. And, it says the consequences of failing to act and settle the ticket. Want to contest the ticket? Contact the agency that gave out the ticket. The agency name is stated.

The Government's Mercy

The government agency shelters innocent drivers against having to pay for a ticket their staff handed out. An civil servant can decide that a ticket tells a driver there has been a genuine violation of the law. San Diego drivers contact the ticketing agency and ask for an administrative review. The agency staff decides if the ticket was validly given out. If a driver still believes they are right to ask for confirmation the parking charges do not deserve to get set aside because they were mistakenly charged they can ask the agency for an administrative hearing held by an official hearing officer. The officer will decide that the government has grounds to demand payment, or does not.

Something Made of Nothing

The judgment on the driver's ticketing acts does not have stop at the agency. In San Diego, the Superior Court takes appeals when a driver believes the administration's decision to ticket a citizen can get set aside. Testimony can prove there are not facts that prove the citizen did not park by following the parking laws. The court judge can set aside the agency's ticket.

The Payment Guarantee

The amount owed to the government has to equal zero. A staff person or court judge can take a pass on the parking ticket. Leaving a driver with no charges and a clean record. Or, a driver that broke the law can simply pay the ticket fine in full. Settling a ticket is that simple.


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