Paying a Traffic Ticket in California

Traffic tickets do not simply go away. Every Californian that burns rubber on the road and gets caught by the police, or takes all the wrong turns, gets a ticket that lasts until paid. Only the wrongly accused can convince the traffic court they do not de

Paying a ticket given to a Californian for a traffic violation is not a losing game. Any citizen that meets the bill by paying the fine keeps the damage done to their driving record down to the least damage.

The California drivers that walk in the door at the traffic court to attend a hearing can end their troubles by settling their case in court.

Caught Riding One's Own Way

Drivers can not defy the traffic laws just to make it to their destination on their own time and take all the turns like nothing can stop them. Driving one's own way is out of the question. Breaking the traffic laws is an infraction that any Californian has to pay a price to get past.

Short cuts are not allowed when it comes to the road rules. Speeding above the speed limit is jus tone typical violation. Trying to handle both a call on the cell phone and driving at the same time also can ruin a clean driving record. The violation will not be the only one if an officer catches a driver with an expired registration. Even driving without the conventional two tail lights after one gets broken can cost a driver a key legal fine.

Showing Up for Court

No relief is guaranteed in traffic court. Showing up in person means a driver has decided to settle the facts of their case with a judge. In some cases, the driver can not turn down the opportunity to show up in court for a hearing because an official decided they have to come in to justify their current driving standing before a judge. These drivers get a notice to appear. In San Diego, the courtesy notice gives the date and details on their hearing.

If the driver did not truly turn their back on the traffic laws, the judge can decide their is no infraction and no fine is due.

Contesting a Ticket

Californians have a right to clear up what happened. Nothing stands in the way of them contesting the traffic charge. Setting the facts straight can change a judge's decision on the case. In San Francisco, drivers can request a hearing to contest the infraction or submit a written contest to the court.

Drivers that succeed in closing their case get off without a fine.

No Choice But Pay

Most people that get a ticket simply agree to pay. Payment drives home to the court and the community the California has committed the infraction. The fine is their penalty. When the court orders payment, or the ticket is never settled or contested, no Californian can turn down the request to pay the ticket.

Charged and Counted

The violation gets counted on a driver's record as a conviction once the fine is paid. The driver's credit on the roads no longer is called into question. But, they are also not an innocent driver.


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