Most Corrupted Countries And Places Most Likely To Scam Users

Scamming from corrupted countries has become a major world issue. The most corrupted countries, including the most corrupted country in Africa is in fact Somalia which also ties with North korea being the most corrupted country in Asia. This article goes through the top corrupted countries in the world as well as the least corrupted countries in the world.

Many of us probably have a fair idea on which countries are corrupt and which seem fair, however recent research tends to tell us our thoughts are sometimes inaccurate. The Corruption Perceptions Index is a useful tool to find out which countries rank more corrupt than others. It gives a score between 10 and 0 with 10 being very "clean" and 0 being the most corrupt.

"Pure" Countries

The countries listed below are the top 5 which are least corrupt as of 2011.

  • New Zealand - 9.5
  • Denmark - 9.4
  • Finland - 9.4
  • Sweden - 9.3
  • Singapore - 9.2

Along with Norway which has a score of 9.0, it seems the cleanest countries are in Scandinavia. An interesting point to note is that the above countries are quite sparsely populated with New Zealand only having a population of around 4.3 million and Denmark having 5.5 million inhabitants. This could perhaps suggest a better society whereby the government is not influenced as much by bribery and other criminal means.

"Highly Corrupted" Countries

The following countries are the top 5 most corrupted countries in the world as of 2011.

  • Somalia - 1.0
  • North Korea - 1.0
  • Myanmar - 1.5
  • Afghanistan - 1.5
  • Uzbekistan - 1.6

Unlike the "clean" countries, the corrupted areas of the world tend to be in Africa and Asia which also have large populations. Somalia and North Korea which are listed among the worst have very unstable governments. Combined with their turbulent past and frequent civil wars, this may explain why they have such a low score.

Trading Nations Corruption Score

Many people may wonder where the United States, United Kingdom, Japan and other modern nations rank in the Corruption Perceptions Index. From cleanest to more corrupt, they are ranked as follows:

  • Japan - 8.0
  • United Kingdom - 7.8
  • United States - 7.1

The rankings may come as a shock considering the 2 western countries support their view of being such credible nations to the world. However, out of 182 countries, the USA ranks 24th which is a slight hindrance to their status as diplomatically fair nations. Japan, on the other hand which has often been undermined for its government scores much higher and is at a respectable rank of 14.

Countries Most Likely To Have Scammers:

Nigeria has the worst count of scamming people, closely followed by other countries in Africa and Asia including Pakistan.

The reason Nigeria is among the worst scamming countries is largely due to the countries oil - based economy declining in the early 1980's. The 419 scam originated from a group of students who were unemployed and attempted to scam local businesses. Years later, it spread across Africa and eventually worldwide. It still occurs today which is why companies like Amazon have banned Nigeria from their list of trading platforms. Other notorious countries include Pakistan and Somalia so it is recommended not to reply to any fishy emails or post any items purchased from a customer in Nigeria.


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