How To Pay A Red Light Camera Ticket in California

Justice is speedy when a driver pays a red light camera ticket. Californians that choose to pay without looking at the photo proof can pay off their debt to their local government at an early date. Car drivers that know the charged traffic violation was n

By showing up at the court or by connecting to the court's online payment site, a Californian can pay the ticket they got after they failed to stop at an intersection and got caught by a red light camera. Not everyone has to walk in a government doorway to pay at a window and stand up to the charges on the ticket.

A driver can also ask to settle the ticket charges and fix their record.

1. Read the steps a driver has to take in their city or town that are written on the ticket. Running the red light at a traffic signal will get a Californian a clear notice on the violation they committed at the intersection and who they have to pay, or talk to.

Do not ignore any instructions. Follow the ones printed on the ticket or in a notice letter .

2. Look up the red light camera photo to take the opportunity to learn the facts on the traffic violation charged in the case.

In San Diego, the driver comes to the police department to look over the photos of their license plate and their act in the car. They can also visit online to look at the photos on screen. Drivers caught in other cities in that county can either go to the Sheriff's Department or use the online viewing site at

There is an opportunity to disagree with any facts claimed on the ticket but not shown in the photographs. Make the fact of the event clear to the law officer or a trained photo technician.

3. Show up in court to pay the ticket before a government servant. Settle the ticket charges. Or, contest the charges.

Even drivers that have nothing to say on their case can show their commitment to follow the law at the court. Californians that believe the ticket is no good can make the best case against the charges by appearing. Officials and officers are willing to screen out bad charges that stand against the actual facts known by a driver.

4. Pay the fine. Plus any fees.

San Diegans can visit an online site one time to pay their red light camera ticket. The penalty is paid off quickly after entering the citation number o case number and a date of birth.

5. Check the driving record. Do not let a bad mark be a shock later.


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