How to Create a US Utility Patent Application Documents for Free

Download an ABCpatent software and follow the master. Print all documents, sign and send to USPTO.

Today, file a patent costs a huge amount of money - from 5000$ plus patent fees. This price stops every innovation and start-up. I found a very useful free software (, which can create a full package of US Utility Patent Application documents, without knowledge of US patent law.

ABCpatent Software Features:

1. You can prepare a US Utility Patent Application documents, without knowledge of patent law. All necessary information will be given in instructions, which was created by patent attorneys with 5 year experience in Intellectual property field.

2. After filling all documents and pushing “Export” button, You will receive 2 files – Utility Patent Application document package, which include specification, utility application transmittal form, fee transmittal form, executed oath or declaration; another file is credit card form, which is needed for fee payment( amount of fee will be calculated automatically in ABCpatent software). All you need is print both files, read privacy statements, sign, insert printed pages to the file and send to: Commissioner for Patents, P.O. Box 1450, Alexandria, VA 22313-1450.

3. Documents, that are available for filing:

Background of the invention;

Brief summary of the invention;

Brief description of the several views of the drawing;

Detailed description of the invention;

A claim or claims;

Abstract of the disclosure;

Utility application transmittal form.

Drawings importing;

Fee transmittal form;

Fee calculation;

Executed oath or declaration.

Ok, here is small guide, how to use ABCpatent.

Step 1: Download an ABCpatent software (free) - (to be able to run this application you need a latest version of Java.). This Application contains all instructions and examples, that is needed for filling different Utility Patent Application forms. Master will guide you through the filling process. 

Step 2: After filling all necessary fields, push "Finish & Export" button. ABCpatent software will create 2 files in ABCpatent/Application directory. First is package of US Utility Patent Application documents. Second is a credit card form, that is needed for fee paying. You need to pay from 545$ for a patent fee. And later you need to pay about 1000$ fee.

Step 3: Print both files. Read all privacy statements and, if you agree with them, sign all documents.

Step 4: Put all papers to the file and then to the envelop. Send it to: Commissioner for Patents, P.O. Box 1450, Alexandria, VA 22313-1450.

That's it. Congratulations. You file a new Utility Patent Application.

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