Free Confidentiality Agreement (Mutual + Single-Party) Generator

Create a simple confidentiality agreement. Unilateral and bilateral confidentiality agreement for fashion, writers, co-ops, entertainment, weight loss, medical, and psychology.

What's a confidentiality agreement? A confidentiality agreement is a legal contract between two parties which restricts the disclosure of secret / confidential information which is shared between the parties. This is a common practice in many business partnerships or cooperative projects in which sensitive information is shared.

Its best to create a confidentiality agreement from a trusted legal site which offers counsel from attorneys if and when needed. You can use free templates online, but these may contain invalid language or errors which will put you at risk legally.

Create a FREE Confidentiality Agreement

Rocketlawyer is a subscription site which offers free legal counsel to its members as well as unlimited access to thousands of legal forms, including confidentiality agreements. They are currently offering a free confidentiality agreement for signing up for a free trial to its service. Its worth it if you need a binding confidentiality agreement.



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