Frank Abagnale Story: Catch Him If You Can

The Frank Abagnale story is unique because of all the things he managed to do during a very short time. The fact that he made a dramatic about turn and then went on to have a significant positive impact on the world is also something that attracts people to his story. He is a talented individual who is known for his creativity and his ability to find solutions to problems in his area of expertise.

Frank Abagnale Junior is a former confidence man who now helps the largest organizations in the world protect themselves against fraud. The Frank Abagnale story is legendary. He has played a number of roles in society and was rarely caught. He seemed to completely take on whatever persona he played.

The Frank Abagnale story has been covered in a book titled Catch Me If You Can. There was also a movie of the same name, in which Mr. Abagnale was played by Leonardo DiCaprio. The movie was directed by a legend in his own field, Steven Spielberg. It was released in the year 2002.

Several people regard Frank Abagnale as a genius. He managed to successfully convince his coworkers and clients in several professions that he was the real deal. No one at any moment noticed any sign that things were amiss. He was born on March 3, 1948 inNew Yorkand started running on the wrong side of the law at the age of sixteen.

Frank Abagnale Story: Wanted In Several Countries

By the time he turned 22, law enforcement officials in more than twelve different countries were after him. His crimes were in the areas of embezzlement and forgery. He made a huge amount of money by writing bad checks. He distributed bad cheques worth more than two million US dollars. His activities took place in more than twenty different countries.

Frank Abagnale Story: Pilot to Lawyer

He has played the role of a lawyer and doctor. He has also impersonated an airline pilot. Pan American airlines estimates that in his late teens, before he had even reached nineteen, Frank Abagnale had flown more than a million miles without paying, by impersonating a pilot.

Frank Abagnale Story: FBI Agent

He managed to escape from prison once by convincing prison warders where he was held that he was actually an undercover agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In all, he has spent about five years in prison as punishment for the crimes that he committed. Nowadays, he uses his talent in a new way. He helps governments and organizations to find ways in which their systems can be manipulated by unscrupulous persons.

In the United States, he helps the Federal Bureau of Investigation to secure documents and develop strategies for countering embezzlement and forgery. He helps government agencies to fight the different types of cybercrime. He also lectures trainees at the FBI academy. He created a bank cheque that is used at several thousand financial institutions. This cheque is known as the Integrated Payment Systems Cheque. He also developed Supercheck for businesses.

He assisted the Australian government by developing their passport and creating the Australian postal money order. Imagemask, a program that prevents all the information on cheques from being viewed online, was developed with his help.


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