Do You Need An Injury Attorney - 3 Great Tips To Find One

There would be times when you are involved in an accident and people are harmed or property damaged. An injury attorney would be able to bail you of the mess, and in most cases work out the best options legally available for you. The crux of the matter is

It is important that you find an injury attorney as soon as possible when you are involved in an accident for the matters might get aggravated unless handled expertly. In the meantime, keep in mind that you should not give any type of message – especially recorded – to the insurance company or any other body for this may be used against your interests.

Tip no 1: Ask for a meeting or free consultation from the injury attorney

It is very important that you meet the attorney who has been referred to you, or you found suitable through your research on the Net. Most attorneys would offer one free consultation, which is enough to ascertain whether or not that particular attorney is the right one for you. 

Make a list of questions to ask these prospective lawyers and do not be shy to go through this diligently until you are perfectly satisfied with the answers you get:

  • What is the length of your practice? 
  • What types of cases do you specialize in? Or How many of your cases were on 'XYZ' (your field of interest)? 
  • What types of clients you typically cater to? 
  • How many cases of 'XYZ' you have taken up until now – and what are their outcomes? 
  • Does the lawyer have any special training/ certification/ knowledge that would come in handy in your particular situation? 
  • What is the normal manner this lawyer handles cases – i.e. does he handle the case himself or would any part (what part) would be handled by legal assistants or paralegals? 
  • What are the costs involved? In case a part of your case is handled by paralegal staff or legal assistance you need to negotiate for cost reduction. 
  • What is the best approach for this case? Whether it makes sense to go to court or settle outside the court. 
  • Is there any other way to handle the case? Does he have any particular advice to ensure that your interests are best taken care of? 
  • What is the communication process he follows? You would need to know the details of the plan, the way the case progresses, the chances of winning as the case progresses, and so on. You will need to be able to contact your lawyer and know what is going on as and when you feel the need. Are there any restrictions on communication?

Tip no 2: Does he agree to take up the case on contingency basis?

This is a very important clause while choosing your injury attorney for this means that you would not owe the lawyer anything unless he wins the case. When you do win, the fees due to him would be 1/3rd of the money awarded through settlement or verdict. In such a case, more clarity would be required regarding how the costs of the case would be met. 

Tip no 3: Check on your gut feelings

Never ignore your gut feelings. This is your intuition speaking to you and in most case the best qualifier for a decision. Unfortunately, many people silence this voice from within – and find out later that they should have heeded it.  Look within and ask yourself whether you are feeling comfortable talking with this attorney. Do you receive good vibes from him; you do not need to like him – but you should be able to "connect" with him.

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