Divorcing Your Spouse: Considering Impotency As a Ground

Impotency is one of the grounds fro getting divorce from your spouse; while impotency of a male is always highlighted, the impotency of a woman is not taken into account.

Divorcing your spouse: Considering impotency as a ground.

Whatever your personal law may be, when you have decided to divorce your spouse, among the umpteen numbers of grounds available, impotency is the most sensitive but a very vital and a certain ground for getting divorce from your spouse.

After all you get married to have a sex partner in your spouse and to beget an offspring through your spouse. When your spouse is impotent, it means that you have no scope for consummation; you cannot enjoy your sex life; you can not beget an offspring. Therefore, your life becomes meaningless and the purpose of getting married remains unfulfilled. So, you are justified in seeking divorce from your spouse on the ground of his or her impotency.

If your spouse is a male and if he is suffering from impotency, it shows that he can not ordinarily have intercourse with you; in other words his penis cannot complete the act of intercourse with you, since it does not get adequately enlarged and so he is unable to have intercourse with you. Therefore, you are right in seeking divorce from your spouse on the ground of impotency.

It is an irony that in the course of the divorce proceedings between the spouses, invariably the impotency of a male alone is being highlighted, since his penis will easily showcase his impotency.

Whereas, in the sex life of many couples, if a woman is impotent invariably it goes unnoticed; it is even more ironical to note that the impotent woman does not know that she is impotent. If the woman is unfertile or barren and she is unable to bear and give birth to a child, despite cohabiting with her husband for a number of years, it shows that she is impotent.But the actual cause of her impotency lies elsewhere.

There are certain other indications in a woman to show that she is impotent, in particular, in her sex life,when she has intercourse with her husband:-

1)Just like the penis of a male suffering from impotency,a woman’s vagina does not get sufficiently enlarged paving the way for the easy penetration of the male organ and thereby not facilitating an easy intercourse; in the result intercourse will be a painful process for the spouses; besides such women who suffers from pain during the intercourse will always dislike intercourse and will never co-operate;

2) Besides an impotent woman’s vagina does not get sufficiently lubricated before the commencement of the act or process of intercourse. Such lubrication is always necessary to prevent ordinary infection that may occur during the intercourse with her spouse; in fact this lubrication kills the germs and prevents infection on either side during the act of intercourse;

3)This lubrication makes the act of sexual intercourse easy besides making it a pleasant experience to the concerned parties; in the absence of such lubrication, certainly the woman is suffering from impotency;

4)A survey on women states that only 25 % women reach the stage of orgasm during their act of intercourse; the rest of them who do not have orgasm during their intercourse actually suffer from impotency;

5)Most of the women suffer from such deficiencies and remain disinterested in sex or evince little interest in having intercourse with her spouse mainly because of their lack of knowledge in sex, following the wrong methods for their intercourse, being under the predominant influence of religion, too much of devotion to God, apprehensions of injury during the act of intercourse, being more cautious and apprehensive about the society and above all giving more importance for their self-esteem etc, are some of the factors that keep them impotent, virtually making them unfit for the marital life.

But, despite having all the above mentioned drawbacks, since they are too personal,a woman is not generally branded as impotent; Of course, being a very sensitive issue, it is also not possible to openly discuss them in a court of law and blame such women  on these grounds. The net result is mostly men are branded as impotent and it is also being considered as a ground for seeking divorce from them.



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