Be Careful: It's a Fraud!

There are so many fraudulent acts on and off the internet that we should be aware of. We don't want to become the next victim of identity theft, right?

It’s so sad to think how desperate other people can be. They would fool other people to steal money. Because it is so hard to find who these people are, the best option available is for us to just be careful and watch out for their fraudulent acts. Ignorance is not an excuse, they say.

Here are some of the common fraudulent acts scammers often times use:

1. Gift delivery

This one concrete example is an email that my friend forwarded to me. A couple received a gift from a delivery man. They were surprised because they weren’t expecting any gift from someone. It’s not their birthday either.

Anyway, they received a wine and a flower. There was no greeting card so they really had no idea who sent it. Then, the delivery man said that since one of the gifts is an alcohol, he needed to confirm that the gift was delivered successfully and was received by an adult, a small fee should be paid by the receiver. The delivery man charged them around $3. The couple understood the reason behind the charge and gladly offered to pay. As they were about to pay him the $3, the delivery man said that it would be best to pay through credit card for the delivery company to confirm that the receiver is of legal age.

The husband took his card and swiped it in his machine, entered his pin, too. A few days passed, they discovered $4,000 was withdrawn out of his card. They realized that the machine used was in fact a dummy one, used to steal the husband’s identity. The husband became a victim of identity theft.

2. Internet Love

Be careful when meeting strangers online, especially when entering into a relationship. First of all, you are not totally sure if the other person on the other end is honest about his/her background.

The love story would start out as a young lady trying to make friends with you. Eventually, because she is too sweet and caring, you will fall for her. She would then start asking for gifts because it’s her birthday or her parents’ birthday. Then, she asks for more. She would ask for money because she is in an internet café and needed money to continue her communication with you.

One of her act would sound like this. Her mother gets sick and is in a hospital. She badly needs your financial assistance.

Lastly, she would say that she is willing to go to your country. Your help to process her papers would be greatly appreciated. Sometimes, she would say that she has all the documents ready and what she needed is just the fare to go to your country.

These are just two of the most common fraudulent acts that scammers use to fool other people. Because we are so dependent on the internet nowadays, we just have to be extra careful when giving out our personal information and most especially our financial information. You might become the next victim of identity theft, and we do not want that to happen. Be careful okay!


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